” ‘MY LIFE’S WORK’ The Time Frequency’s frontman Jon Campbell reveals he ‘burst into tears like a child’ the first time the group made it into the Top 40″ – The Scottish Sun

TECHNO icon Jon Campbell told how he broke down in tears when his group The Time Frequency finally broke into the UK’s charts.

The singer, 47, was on edge as the Scots electronic dance pioneers’ single New Emotion hovered above the top 40 in 1992.

Speaking on radio documentary The Story of Scottish Pop, Campbell said: “Having been sitting at 46, 42, 41, I had been dying for weeks because it was a nailbiter.”

“It stayed at 41 and I thought, ‘I’m cursed, it’s over.’

“Then one Sunday DJ Mark Goodyear announced we were in at No37.

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