An influencial career

Jon Campbell is a renowned musician, radio personality, and DJ, known for his contributions to the electronic music scene. With a career spanning over several decades, Jon has established himself as a talented artist and a respected figure in the industry.

Born and raised in Scotland, Jon Campbell developed a passion for music from an early age. He began his journey in the music world as a member of the influential electronic music group, The Time Frequency (TTF). TTF, formed in the late 1980s, rapidly gained popularity with their energetic blend of techno, trance, and hardcore sounds. The group achieved chart success and played a vital role in the development of the Scottish dance music scene.

Aside from his work with TTF, Jon Campbell has also showcased his diverse musical talents as a solo artist. He has produced and released numerous tracks, captivating audiences with his unique sound and creativity. Over the years, Jon has continuously evolved as an artist, experimenting with different styles and pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

In addition to his career as a musician, Jon Campbell has made significant contributions to the radio industry. He has hosted his own radio shows, including "Jon Campbell's Ultimate Music" and "Jon Campbell's Ultimate Playlist." These shows have been well-received by listeners, providing a platform for Jon to share his love for music and introduce emerging artists to his audience.

Jon Campbell's influence extends beyond his music and radio work. He has been recognized for his contributions to the music community and has played a part in shaping the Scottish music scene. In an interview with the Glasgow Times, Jon discussed his career and the significance of the "30 Years of New Emotion" event, where he reflected on the journey of Scottish dance music and the impact it has had over the decades.

Outside of his artistic pursuits, Jon Campbell is also known for his involvement in the industry as a record collector and vinyl enthusiast. His passion for music extends to his collection, which showcases his eclectic taste and dedication to preserving the rich history of electronic music.

Jon Campbell is a highly respected figure in the music industry, known for his contributions as a musician, radio personality, and DJ. With his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to his craft, he has left an indelible mark on the electronic music scene and continues to inspire both established and emerging artists.

Travel through time...


Jon Campbell founded The Time Frequency (TTF), a Scottish electronic music group.


TTF releases their debut single "The Ultimate High," which becomes a chart hit and helps establish the Scottish dance music scene.


TTF releases their debut album "Dominator," which features several successful singles and solidifies their status in the music industry.


Jon Campbell begins his solo career, releasing tracks that showcase his unique sound and creativity.


Jon hosts his own radio show called "Jon Campbell's Ultimate Music," providing a platform to share his love for music and introduce emerging artists to his audience.


Jon releases a podcast series titled "Jon Campbell's Ultimate Playlist," further expanding his reach in the music industry and showcasing his eclectic taste.


The Glasgow Times interviews Jon Campbell, where he reflects on his career and discusses the significance of the "30 Years of New Emotion" event, celebrating the journey of Scottish dance music.


Jon continues to make music, DJ at events, and contribute to the electronic music scene as a respected artist and industry figure.